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Corporate Letters of Credit
Strengthen your trading relationships by offering better credit terms to overseas buyers if you are exporting goods.

The perfect account for your business!

Reduce your payment risks when exporting to and importing from suppliers and customers.

Cash Flow

Opens up more opportunities for your business

Easy access

Availed for import and for export financing


Select repayment terms that suit your budget

Easy Access

Sight and Usance letters of credit facility not exceeding 180days


Provides comfort to third parties that the borrowers shall fulfill their obligations


Demonstrate your financial credibility


The account fees and charges

Letters of Credit Tariff Guide to Fees & Charges


Discover the required documents needed
to open the account

Required Documents
  • Certified bank account statements for the last 12 months
  • Latest annual returns filed with the registrar
  • Audited accounts for the last 2 years
  • Cash flow projections over the term of the proposed borrowing
  • Valuation report
  • List of major customers and suppliers
  • Approved plan/Bill of quantities(for construction projects)
  • Tax compliance certificate
  • Current loan statements for facilities elsewhere if any
  • Evidence of orders, LPOs, work contracts where applicable

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Corporate Letter of Credit

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