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Your ultimate shopping card

Experience online shopping with extra benefits and convenience using CIB Platinum Debit Card!


Allows purchases and cash withdrawals directly from your bank account.

Budget Management

Allows you to spend money that you have unlike credit cards.

Global Acceptance

Accepted internationally, allowing you to use for purchases and cash withdrawals abroad.

No Interest Charges

No interest charges on this product unlike credit cards.

Wide Acceptance

Accepted widely by merchants making hem versatile tools for spending.

No Annual Fees

Cost effective way of managing your finances.

VIP Customer Support

Platinum debit cards often provide access to VIP customer support, with dedicated lines and priority service to address your queries and concerns promptly.

Emergency Services

Platinum cardholders may have access to emergency services such as emergency cash advances and replacement cards in case of loss or theft.

Lifestyle Perks

Platinum debit cards may offer lifestyle perks such as discounts on luxury goods and services, gourmet dining experiences, and complimentary tickets to events.

Higher Daily Limits

Platinum debit cards come with higher daily spending and withdrawal limits giving you more flexibility in your transactions.

Fraud Protection

3DS compliant card meaning customer is protected against unsecure fraudulent transactions made on the card. The bank has chargeback rights on these transactions.

Travel Assist

Cardholders enjoy telephone medical advice, medical service provider referral, essential medical and equipment delivery, dispatch of physician to card holder location, medical evaluation and repatriation, legal referral and interpreter referral.


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