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Mr. Essam El Wakil

Mr. Essam Wakil is a renowned professional Banker with more than 45+ years of experience in the key financial sectors in Egypt, Bahrain, North Africa, New York, Singapore and London. Gaining from his experience internationally and locally he has achieved successes in major institutions including Bank ABC, CIB, SAIB, Arab International Bank (AIB), CI Capital (Investment Banking), Corplease and Post for investment.

He was member of the top Executives team with Bank ABC Group and as the Group Head of Treasury and Capital Markets and the Asset & Liability Committee he was in charge of 26 different countries. He joined Bank ABC Egypt in 2007 and succeeded to triple the Balance Sheet in short period. Joined CIB in 2008 and honored to be member of the team who put the Strategy for growing the bank and achieving its current outstanding performance.

From His Market risk Experience he joined and Chaired the Board Risk Committees and Audit Committees in different Boards. He joined Egypt Post Board and appointed as Chairman of Post for Investment (The Investment Banking Arm of Egypt Post.)

Below are several Institutions in which Mr. Essam Wakil has held Board Executive and Non-Executive positions in current and previous posts:

  1. ABC Bank- London, Bahrain, Egypt- CEO
  2. ABC Islamic Bank
  3. Bank ABC Tunis
  4. CIB (CEO & Board Member)
  5. Arab International Bank ( Managing Director- Board Member)
  6. SAIB Bank
  7. ICAP Bahrain
  8. Egypt Post
  9. Post for Investment Corplease
  10. Misr Asset Management
  11. ABC Islamic Bank
  12. Bank ABC Tunis

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